Donations for Gaza

Donations for food & water

In response to the sustained blockade in Gaza since October 18th, 2023, AMOM is actively gearing up to provide swift relief once the blockade is lifted. Our commitment involves acquiring crucial non-perishable items, such as clothing, blankets, hygiene products, and mobility aids, to address the immediate needs of the people in Gaza. Despite the challenges posed by the siege, our organization collaborates with trusted partners in neighboring countries, ensuring the timely delivery of aid packages and utilizing funds raised to make both an immediate and sustained impact on humanitarian conditions.

AMOM is actively involved in the Habitat for Humanity project, aimed at renovating homes in disaster-stricken areas to provide livable conditions. By engaging volunteers for hands-on tasks and enlisting a professional engineering company, we are committed to achieving this goal. Our primary focus extends to distributing water and food, with a specific emphasis on assisting communities in Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey who seek our support.

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